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PhD Elzbieta Wolenska

Dr Elzbieta Wolenska

Elzbieta is passionate about teaching flute and music. She gives her heart and soul to work with herself and the students she teaches.
After 15 years of working at the Karol Lipinski University of Music in Wroclaw, Poland, she chose China, Zhaoqing University.
A number of her students have won international competitions and are working in orchestras, teaching in music schools, or studying for doctoral degrees. She tutors flute workshops, teaching children, teenagers, adults, and other teachers. Elzbieta took part in training courses such as Kinder Flute Technique with Kathryn Blocki or Simultaneous Learning with Paul Harris.
Elzbieta offers private lessons for students of all ages and experience levels.

"When I teach others, I teach myself " - Itzhak Perlman

伊丽莎白沃伦因斯卡她热衷于长笛的教学和长笛音乐的演奏。 她热枕于自己的工作。曾在波兰弗罗茨瓦夫市的音乐学院担任长笛教师超过15年,她的学生斩获了各种国际长笛比赛的奖项,他们分别任职于交响乐团,音乐学院,纽约长笛中心,有些正在攻读博士学位。她参加过很多长笛培训课程的教学,比如与Kathryn Blocki老师的KinderFlute长笛技术课程。同时擅长于simultaneous learning(高效同步学习)教学方法。


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