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Elzbieta Wolenska flutist


Elzbieta Wolenska - flutist, tutor, soloist, chamber, and session musician.
She is a dynamic artist who embraces both traditional and contemporary classical music. An avid performer, Elzbieta frequently appears as a soloist with orchestras in China, Europe, and the United States. She also appears in notable chamber music groups. Her repertoire includes works for bass, alto, and piccolo flutes. Enthusiastic about creative music, Elzbieta often collaborates with composers. She is interested in performing jazz and contemporary music, including compositions with electronics. Her most recent performance accolade was her solo recital debut at Carnegie Hall on October 4, 2019.
Elzbieta is currently a Professor of Flute at Zhaoqing University in Guangdong, China. She previously taught at the Karol Lipinski Academy of Music in Wroclaw, Poland. She also taught at the National School of Music in Opole, Poland, the Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland, and the National School of Music in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
She obtained Diplôme Supérieur de Concertiste à l’unanimité avec les félicitations du jury in Paris under the supervision of Professor Pierre-Yves Artaud. She finished her undergraduate studies with distinction under Professor Jerzy Mrozik at The Karol Lipinski Academy of Music in Wroclaw. In 2006 she received a doctoral degree in Arts and a post-doctoral degree in 2013.
Elzbieta was the winner of the 2014 Salamon Prize (Danish-Polish Friendship), and Laureate of the International Flute Competition in Cracow, International Concours Moderne Chain, International Competition in Dabrowa Gornicza, National Flute Competition in Warsaw, National Competition in Radziejowice, and National Competition for Wind Instruments in Olsztyn.

Elzbieta has been the Polish Flutists Association President since 2010.
She has recorded two solo albums: Elzbieta Wolenska & Friends with Claude Bolling's music and pieces for flute solo, and Souvenir with Johann Sedlatzek's virtuosity romantic music from the 19th century.
Elzbieta plays the Arista flute.

" This is a flute player I will want to hear again."

                                                             - Robert Bigio, Pan the Flute Magazin

Elzbieta Wolenska (伊丽莎白-沃伦因斯卡) ,来自欧洲波兰,她在 P.Y.Artuad 长笛教授的 指导下,在巴黎获得 Diplome Superieur de Concertiste a l’unanimite(长笛演奏一致通过 奖),2003 年,在弗罗茨瓦夫音乐学院教授 Jerzy Mrozik 的指导下,在长笛班的学习成 绩优异。2006 年,获得了艺术博士学位,2013 年获得博士后。在波兰弗罗茨瓦夫市的 音乐学院担任长笛老师超过 14 年,曾在剧院里担任首席长笛手,并曾与许多爱乐乐团 合作。自 2010 年起担任波兰长笛协会主席一职。她出版了两张长笛专辑

CD: ElzbietaWolenska&Friends  和 Souvenir,与此同时她还参与了许多其他艺术家的专辑录 制,TV 节目,电台,一些流行音乐的录音工作。她最近的表演奖项是她于2019年在卡内基音乐厅举行的独奏音乐会首次亮相。她演奏室内乐,同时作为一名长笛演 奏家与交响乐团合作。她曾与交响乐团一同演奏过伊贝尔,梅卡尔丹特,维瓦尔第, 雷内克,哈恰图良,梅卡尔丹特等作曲家所创作的作品。她的演出曲目中还包括了许 多在长笛和钢琴室内音乐会上演奏的不同长笛音乐,许多波兰作曲家曾为她写过作品, 包括来自英国的著名作曲家保罗·哈里斯。她的部分曲目与当代音乐项目、电子和新媒 体联系在一起,她经常用长笛、短笛、中音、低音长笛演奏。2016年沃伦斯卡被聘任为肇庆学院音乐学院长笛和木管室内乐教授。

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